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15 Years Of Kaos

It took a lot of time and waiting for the first official Rage Against Society CD album. Last February 2010 we finally had the release of '15 YEARS OF KAOS'. Most of the songs where written during the 15 years of existence since the band was formed. For this CD, R.A.S invited Patti Pattex as guest vocalist. Patti fronts the Berlin based punk band Cut My Skin.

The CD consists of 7 streetpunk energetic songs with melodic touches every now and than. Lyrically it is based around the rebellion against the establishment in Malta and worldwide. A good amount of CDs where sold in Germany and some other countries and we really had positive feedback from zines abroad, infact the Underdog Zine have put 2 R.A.S songs on the compilation CD which will be out now.

“15 Years of Kaos” is totally d.i.y and with excellent quality. Recorded by Steve Lombardo, drummer in the band, in his studio (Hell Next Door Studio). Sleeve and artwork done by bassist Denis Celik, lyrics by guitarist Ray Schembri and music by R.A.S. Our guest vox Patti is responsible for our foreign contacts in Germany and Portugal. She is also distributing our CDs during “Cut My Skin” gigs, while Jp from Reciprocal Records gave us all the help that we needed.

Broad Band Gathering DVD

That’s right, the two special nights held at Lowenbrau Brewery are now caught on tape, or rather a DVD! This is a double DVD containing live footage of all the bands that played on the night. A lot of preparation was done before this festival, and took us a lot of energy to organize everything to be done as smoothly as possible on those two days, and here you can see the effort. Recorded and produced by Kevin, from Clauneck Productions, this DVD is worth having in your rack. If anything, it stands as a monument to those two special nights that will go down in the Maltese Underground music history!

Dripht EP

The self-titled Dripht EP took everyone by surprise, and was sold out on the same day of the release! The song “Mark Barnsley”, a jumpy-feel reggae-ska number that describes the unfortunate story of an English Anarchist ended up being voted the “Best Single” for the year 2004 by Malta’s most popular radio station, paving way for our bands to start pushing for their songs to be played on the local radios. Dripht’s agenda had always been that of speaking about the state of the world, and they wear their heart on their sleeve on this very politically charged record. “Acid Fight” has a bluesy rock’n’roll feel to it, while “Continental Drift” shows Dripht breaking their musical barriers, fusing rhythmic bass and drum lines, with moody guitar licks. The record also contains a video of the song “Mark Barnsley”. Get this if you want to listen to an important record from an important band in our scene!

Festahwid I Compilation

It-Tahwid ikompli!

This was the first ever release from Reciprocal Records! The Festahwid concert was an idea generated over a couple of beers, after more and more bands set up their garages but never had a venue to play in. We kept changing venues as long as the owner of the place sold his stock. That was the deal. No debts, and absolutely no profits. We always used our equipment put together and organized in a mutualistic manner with the party and beer drinking starting at soundchecks. The year 2002, however saw us catching the noise on digital DIY recording.

The record consists of two songs from all the bands that played that night. These include: Disobedience, The Vegetables, RAKK, Subculture, Totema, Migraine, BNI, The Abjects, Mass Debate, The I Skandal, and Rage Against Society.

1. Decide – Disobedience
2. Welcome to Babylon – Disobedience
3. Bebbuxu Malinju – The Vegetables
4. Hu dan il-Maktur mimli Mahta – The Vegetables
5. Is-Soluzzjoni – Rakk
6. No Future – Rakk
7. Bullets – Subculture
8. Black White Yellow Red – Subculture
9. S.O.M.B – Totema
10. Promoting Confusion – Totema
11. Midnight Express – Migraine
12. Profitable Loss – Migraine
13. Inertia – B.N.I.
14. Civilisation – B.N.I.
15. Sentenced to Live – The Abjects
16. Murderous Technology – The Abjects
17. Lock – Mass Debate
18. Playing with Fire – Mass Debate
19. Raguni – the ISkandal
20. Reason and Confusion – the ISkandal
21. March of the Anarchist – Rage Against Society
22. Anger = Energy – Rage Against Society

Festahwid II Compilation

The Festahwid 2005 consisted of many new interesting acts. One cannot not mention the fact that this was Xtruppaw’s first ever gig in front of an audience, and the gig that kickstarted their plans to conquer further. Delli Wah-du’s performance at this gig was another highlight, giving us folk songs of dark-humour that left everyone with a smile from cheek to cheek. Of course, all of this was backed with the brilliant regular punk bands that play every time at Festahwid, like BNI, Riotious Future, Dripht and Pupi tal-Loghob. This Festahwid will stay with us for a very long time, all because our DIY sound guru Steve “Lombardo” from Hell Next Door Studio who managed to capture the spirit of the festival on CD. Among the songs, the record includes various quotes from random people getting on stage and having their say. Enjoy the madness and beer flowing atmosphere of this memorable gig at the comfort of your home now. Get this and relive these 2 crazy nights!
Recorded live @ Signals, Tal-Qroqq.

1. Ftuh
2. Xiz-Zobb Trid – The Alazobombz
3. Shadows – B.N.I.
4. Wirdien – The Vegetables
5. Saffar Ja Xih – Delli Wah Du
6. The Wedding Song – Pupi tal-Loghob
7. Breaking Out – Oddonesout
8. Innu Mhux Ufficjali – Woody
9. Malta – Xtruppaw
10. Speech/Worms – Il-President Dr Ciz/Vixaw
11. Adjectives – The Iskandal
12. Id-Dentist – Delli Wah Du
13. Take The Streets with Anger – Rioutous Future
14. Ecoclast – Dripht
15. Kwarta Quotes – Persuni Varji
16. Tahwida Shiha – The Alazobombz + Guests
17. Patata Maxx, Saqaf ma' Hajt – Vixaw
18. Gheluq

Force Majeur

BNI’s second full-length album, which is a crossbreed between Old and New School Punk. Songwriting is fast, more polished and powerful, while most tracks contain sing-along tunes and choruses. Lyrical content is more focused on individual frustration but is also characterised by a positive slant. Ska and Reggae elements are ever-present, somehow or another, and melodies are faster, more intense and involving.

From the Garage to the Streets

This is what Kenneth Cassar, a fan of Subculture and Animal Rights Activist wrote about 'From the Garage to the Streets' 'Here was a band with a genuine social message. It was only a matter of time until I discovered they were active in animal rights issues and had even an animal rights song. Subculture are not the type of band which sings about useless topics or endless love songs, though, as Crass say in Yes Sir, I Will, 'In attempts to moderate, they ask why we don't write love songs. What is it that we sing then? Our love of life is total, everything we do is an expression of that, everything that we write is a love song'. This perfectly describes the Subculture lyrics in 'From the Garage to the Streets'. That is what 'From the Garage to the Streets' is all about. Released in the time of the US attack on Iraq, the record spreads a very powerful message. The music is melodic punk rock that will let you think about what is being said. This is a record for those who want something deeper, more meaningful than just to hum to a tune.

Future Sold Out

It’s just great to get our hands on a record like this! “Future Sold Out” by Cut My Skin is punk rock, pure and simple ...

As they have already accustomed us, the band from Berlin introduces us once more to their own universe in this third album (and after a few Eps). The vocalist Patti Pattex continues to blast her characteristic vocalization as usual, and in English, which makes it easy for us to understand all the subjects and the essence of the band´s message.

Throughout the album we can find corrosive lyrics, “Rape Is War” opens at full speed, filled with strong words, we can listen to «Life will never be the same…pain is gone, but memory forever stuck…», with an agitated sonority.

“Sea Treasure” begins slowly, to speed up shortly after, with the singer pushing her voice in a catchy chorus ...“Red & Black” brings an incredible balance, full of speed with some special point to the guitar and a combative message about fighting for our own rights…“Fuck You” is more rhythmic, we can hear «abort the church… it´s legal crime a very up-to-date issue, by the way. >From theme to theme, the sound feels very balanced, with the guitar, voice, bass and drums extremely noticeable, and no sound problems.

Patti’s voice is anything but monotonous, there are some moments of melody, others she shouts out loud (sometimes it feels as if she pushes her voice too much, till her throat bleeds), but there are also some very intimate and almost whispered parts. She acknowledges the band’s concern with the sound, but says that the message is the essential thing... and we believe her!

“Manipulate” starts well, the guitar leads with some variations throughout the song and we can hear clear allusions to the products that the media force upon us, day after day. “Police & Justice” is simply spectacular, a 'footprint' of punk style, starting at full speed, reminding us of the sound of classic 1980s bands...it barely allows us enough time to breathe...all in all a very good theme which conveys very well the identity of Cut My Skin. "Captured Heart" is somewhat different, with a strong rhythm and moderate speed."Insomnia" is the perfect combination of melody and speed, it starts with a very speeded up rhythm and becomes frantic and even disturbing with the lyrics «I'm so tired but can´t sleep genocide scenes stuck inside my head… torturing my brain…», halfway through, the theme changes balance, slowing down as you hear' «the voices in my head ...  can´t keep them quiet…"

"Burn My Diaries" is a more intimate song, more rhythmic and calm, with some personal reflection, but it works very well and has a very catchy chorus that sticks in your head."Destruction Of The Wild" brings out the ‘ska side’ of Cut My Skin, with a firm rhythm and a strong message of resistance ...

"Love In Parts" brings back a slower punk rock pace with a touchy message... The album ends with a great song, "I Hate Them All", at an accelerated pace from start to finish, supported by a firm bass line.

12 tracks in 43 minutes of 2010 punk rock...! Undoubtedly, there are bands that do not stray an inch from the punk lineage (nowadays we can see many bands diversifying the style) and stay on this path, while also keeping up with the all the advances in sound production (and here we notice such care and concern). Luckily Cut My Skin is one of those bands…

I end this review just as I started it: it is just brilliant to listen to a new record like this today... pure punk rock ... with no doubt… at all!!!

You can access Cut My Skin´s website and listen to some of their songs online, by clicking here!


Global Warning

Released almost exactly a year after their debut EP, Dripht’s “Global Warning” didn’t disappoint. Opener “Rocking to Resist” re-affirmed the band’s commitment towards singing about world affairs, social justice and the environment in a very anthemic way. The record also consisted of the cover version “Dance Music for the 80’s Depression” from local SKA veterans The Rifffs. Rumour has it that the song convinced the Rifffs to re-form once again to give us a mighty comeback. We saw Dripht sounding more “indie” on “Old Times go Astray”, while “Guy on TV” gave us a massive chorus that once again echoed on several local radio stations for weeks. Get this record if you want to catch a glimpse of what the guys sounded like in the days of funk and energy-fuelled gigs!

Hard to Understand

“Hard to Understand” is a very important record in the sense that it has been the first and currently the only record that has been put forward by Maltese Punk veterans and pioneers Abstrass since 1979! Fronted by Erich “il-punk” on vocals, Ray “il-Bahri” on guitar, Ray “Hamiemu” on the skins, and James “in-Nemlu” on bass, Abstrass has been grinding street-punk since then, albeit with a slightly different line-up. Recorded in 7 hours straight at “Charlie Paletti’s Studio”, “Hard to Understand” is punk as fuck! The record includes both songs from the past as well as some new songs. “Malta’s burning” has an infectious chorus that leaves you wanting for more, while “Make Love not War” is a classic from the Tigne’ days that has definitely brought a lot of good memories for the old Malta punks. You can’t say that you know the history of the Maltese Punk scene if you haven’t listened to this one yet!

Il Disagio Non E Un Reato


Ilsien Pajjizi/Native Tongue

BNI have their roots in this debut album. All the rawness and power that the band still sports today can be easily identified in this release. Lyrical content is a mix between anti-authoritarian statements and individual angst. Tracks are built around fast, harsh melodies which occasionally melt down to Ska and Reggae rhythms again picking up speed and giving off Metal undertones. Ilsien Pajji?i / Native Tongue features the first ever Punk tracks in Maltese: Punk, L-Im?issem and Qrunha f’Butha.

Is-CD ta' l-iXtruppaw

Xtruppaw has really taken the scene by a storm! Formed ages ago through the band members’ various DIY barbeques, Xtruppaw re-invented their songs written in Maltese to fit the punky style of Festahwid 5 where they played for the first time ever in front of an audience. Xtruppaw never looked back after that gig, and after a series of live gigs, presented us with this masterpiece we couldn’t refuse not releasing. 16 tracks of brutal honesty that makes you cry tears of laughter, ic-CD ta’ l-iXtruppaw is packed with tunes that has captured the Maltese identity as real as it gets. Tracks like “Glorja Tonna”, “Dear Poni” and “Dlam Cappa u riha ta’ Hara” show what Xtruppaw can do even with the stupidest of ideas, whereas other tracks like “Generazzjoni ta’ Meqrudin”, “Malta”, and “Rajt Ma Rajtx” can be more political than what their face-value humour might convey. If you want to hear THE Maltese record of year 2006, make sure you get this one!

Just Rock

Taking indie, poppy tunes and mixing them with a healthy does of reggae and Ska has always been on the agenda of Nick Morales and co. from No Snow/No Alps. “Just Rock” consists of 5 infectious tracks that left us wanting for more, and quite frankly we don’t see why it shouldn’t! “Taking my Time” was an instant hit on Maltese Radio stations, and climbed to number one the local charts in the space of a few weeks! These guys can truly get a hook going into your head, and although No Snow/No Alps might sound a bit different from the rest of our repertoire, we’re really proud to have them in the party. They show what Reciprocal Records have been since the very beginning: We’re quite open to anything if it sounds good to our ears. Don’t just get “Just Rock”…keep watch on the guys… we’re sure they have more stuff to keep us bouncing up and down!

On and on

Even with regards to artwork, this album breaks away from the usual rules. Tracks sound raw and have been recorded without too much attention to detail. On and On… gives away the band’s 3-piece live feel, and serves to show what the band sounds like on stage.

BNI’s fast-paced 2/4 beat remains at the forefront but Reggae and Ska remain present. Lyrical content is even more focused on the individual’s thoughts and alternates between the positive and negative aspects of life.

Each copy of this Cd album has a different cover artwork, and comes in a retro 7? Cd Sleeve.

Silent Frequency

Silent Frequency was one of the first records first put out by Reciprocal Records. Upon listening to Totema`s debut promo, one immediately realizes that this album is the fruit of a very talented group of individuals. Silent Frequency is at the very least a musical treat that your ears will definitively thank you for.

Totema`s original sound was a very refreshing welcome to the local scene at the time, not to mention the degree of dedication and professionalism that is displayed in this promo.

The instruments and vocals are rich in both originality and harmony, with just the right measure of thought provoking lyrics. Totema had gone from being a garage band jamming and having fun in front of a few devoted followers, to the very gifted band they had evolved into this record.

Sadly, Totema had decided to call it a day for many reasons, but we still think this is a very important local record to have. Their frequency might be a silent one, but it’s a powerful one nonetheless...


The I Skandal have been seen playing in the local live circuit for almost 10 years, but it wasn’t until Dino Mifsud Lepre took skin-hitting duties that the band decided to record again. After the release of the disastrous promo “Under the same sky”, the I Skandal decided to get locked in their garage, get drunk, discuss, listen to music and occasionally write a new song. The result was the highly acclaimed “Skaccomatto” recorded at Hell Next Door Studios, and masterly crafted by Steve “Lombardo”. The I Skandal take a ska-punk direction here, and you can hear the influences of Jamaican ska everywhere here. You can hear the horns almost on every tune here, thanks to the likes of Ruth on Saxaphone, Nico on Trombone, and Keith “Pini” Catania on the Trumpet. Fronted by JP “iz-Zghiru” on Vocals and Bass, and side-kicked by Fre on guitars, “Skaccomatto” brought ska-punk to the forefront of the Maltese Punk scene. So get out those dancing shoes, your trusty pork-pie hat, and get skanking!