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The I-Skandal
Check out the local Ska-punksters myspace! (they couldn’t be bothered to pay the hosting of their website!)

Dripht had always been about pushing their musical boundaries. Check their website out!

These guys have an anarcho-punk message to put across. Read it out, and sing it loud on their website!

Batteries Not Included (BNI)
Who doesn’t know about these guys? Punk Rock in your face!Who doesn’t know about these guys? Punk Rock in your face!

Our darling Indie-reggae masters! Check ‘em out!

Norm Rejection
A Metal band with a punk rock ethos! Messages of rebellion!

Comedy, satire and punk rock team with Maltese identity to kill us with laughter. Meet Xtruppaw

Organized Dizorder
Hardcore punk band with lots of Oi! Influences. One of the great new up and coming bands!

Our local punk scene veterans have seen it all. Punk sal-bajd!

Riotous Future
Street Punk to the core, Riotous Future say it straight!

Very enjoyable poppy punk from Malta! Check ‘em out!

Reciprocal Records Services
This is our sister company, specializing in CD/DVD replication/duplication, printing, packaging and production. Contact us if even if you are not a punk/ska band!

Moviment Graffitti
A Maltese leftist pressure group

Realta Madwarek
An independent newspaper giving us independent news from independent minds!

Reciprocal Records Website is active again!
Hello everyone,

With heartfelt thanks to Elliot Howard from Bournemouth in the UK, who is our now web admin, the RR website is finally updated, and will continue being updated!!!

Take a stroll through the Releases Section for news about the recent releases from Rage Against Society and Cut My Skin (Berlin) & the updated Events Section for upcoming gigs.

Anyone needing to promote an event please email us your info!


RR Crew

The Rifffs launch Moonstomp!
It all started some weeks ago. First time I heard about the launch party I couldn't believe. One of the best bands from Malta finally gets their first album out. It tooks just 20 years, but it was worth waiting. If you want know the story of The RIFFFS visit their myspace site. Anyway I heard from the launch gig but I didn't know the date, so I checked The RIFFFS website every couple of days. And one day I saw it, the gig was on the 9th february ..... a monday. I was surprised but found soon out it was on an eve of a public holiday. Immedatily I contacted all my friends, but most of them already knew and were as excited as I. I have to admit, that I bought my ticket (really cheap for 6.-) in advance just to be sure to get in.

The next weeks I imagned how wonderful it would be. The RIFFFS live on stage and finally the first CD in my hands. So I made sure that I had this monday and tuesday off. For the short journey from Sliema to Rabat we took the bus. Right I came with a colleague and friend (Thomas), we are both fans of The RIFFFS, specially after their performance at the Beerfest 2008. Like almost every time we were much to early at the club. But this time we had a good excuse, actually we had two, 1st we could drink some beer to start the evening and 2nd we didn't know where excatly find the TNT (The New Tattingers) in Rabat. First I said Hello to some friends and then we sat in a bar for some drinks or better beers. Around 10 pm we moved to the TNT and it was already packed with people. It was a mixed crowd and it looked like everyone couldn't wait for the performance. In the meantime the DJ palyed some nice songs. I'm not really sure but I think there were some from The Clash, The Specials and Desmond Dekker and other stuff. I think everyone liked it. The TNT has also some screens on the wall and there you could see the some old pictures from The RIFFFS.

Anyway the TNT got more and more packed, but Thomas and me managed to say Hello to Ray and Rayvin. Some beers more and suddenly The RIFFFS were on stage and the crowd started to dance from the first second. And I couldn't stand still as well. I actually couldn't believe how many people in Malta exist who like really good live music. I was on many live gigs in Malta before where not a quarter of this crowd turned up. Anyway The RIFFFS did not a good job, they did a perfect job. They played all their fucking awesome songs. My personal favourite is 'Monday Morning'. The crowd did never stop dancing and we all had really much fun. Then suddenly some security guys were standing in front of the stage, I really don't know why they were standing there, but at this point I didn't care. I was just excited and I skanked around and without offence I bumped just a little bit in one of the security guys. He grabed me and tried to pull me from the crowd. He didn't understood that things like this ahppen when you skank. Fortunately some friend were their and could stop that security guy. I was a little bit angry but just took a beer, didn't dance for a minute and decided to took some pictures from The RIFFFS. But just 3 minutes later I was skanking again.

The crowd dance till the end of gig and we got The RIFFFS back on stage for some more awesome Ska from Malta. It all ended tuesday morning with a happy crowd and band. It was a wonderful night full of fantastic ska. Thanks to everyone who made it happen, firstatall to The RIFFFS (you were amazing), everyone who helped with the CD, everyone who bought a ticket, everyone who skanked and a little thanks to the club (but the security should think before they act and the beer was quite expensive). I want more gigs like this.

After the gig I bought the CD and a T-shirt. Thomas found us an ride home to Sliema. Thanks again to Karen who drove two drunken germans to Sliema. It shows that facebook is sometimes really good, because Karen and I knew each other from FB. We took a last drink at Snoopys and then walked the last metres home. I had still a smile in my face when I fall in my bed, because the night was even better then I expected.

Come on The RIFFFS do it again

. I'm listening to their CD almost every day for the last 14 days ... I like it. Some friends said The RIFFFS got very comercial, but as long they do so fucking awesome Ska I will listen to them and going to their gigs.

From: Cornelius Schulz (owner and writer of AKTION MUTANTE - magazin)

The winners of our Nosnow/Noalps competition are....

.........We have received loads of e-mails from different people. Thank you all very much for your response. The winners are:

Geneva Corlett and Sue Micallef. You can claim your tickets at the door tonight! Congratulations!

2 Free Tickets for Nosnow/Noalps Concert to be won!
Nosnow/Noalps have kindly given us 2 tickets for their upcoming concert with Cable 35 and The Imagery on the 31st of January 2009 to be held at Liquid Club, San Gwann and we are giving them away to the first two persons who send us the correct answer before Thursday 29th January 2009 to the following question:

?Who drew the picture on the front cover sleeve of Nosnow/Noalps ?Just Rock? EP??

Please send full name and surname to fre@reciprocalrecords.com

The 2 winners will be announced on the website.

Pupi tal-Loghob @ Playrock Review!
On Sunday people gathered at Play Rock to chill out with some funny tunes from Pupi tal-Loghob. As popularly predicted, they were dressed up in Father Christmas costumes.

They played an extensive playlist exceeding twenty songs, incorporating not only Christmas songs such as White Christmas and Rudolf, but also many (maybe all?) of their original tunes. Indeed they did present their older tunes from the past such as Hagi SAK and Tat-tieg which some of us are usually eager to listen to. In addition, their presentation of the relatively new songs such as Normann Lowell reflects a more elaborated, mature musical style, diverging to target not only the punk scene, but also other people.

This event was the third one making part of their Christmas tour. There is one event remainining which will take place at Rookies on the 27th December. Especially if you were not there last Sunday, I would recommend you do not miss the Pupi tal-Milied 2008!

Norm Rejection Releases under Reciprocal Records!
Metal band Norm Rejection has re-issued its acclaimed and sold-out albums ?Deconform? and ?0002? in a single package under the Reciprocal Records label.

?Deconform? was originally released in 1998 and includes 8 songs, including ?6479?, ?Strawburied? and ?Caged?. The latter track had been included in CD compilation of top French metal magazine ?Hard Force?, where the song appeared alongside songs by Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Skinlab and others. Tracklisting of 'Deconform': Deconform: Scrap; 6479; Caged; Strawburied; Where's The Green; Urged; Cement; Heresy.

?0002? was originally released in 2000 and includes 9 songs, including ?Malta Not For Sale?, ?Faceless? and ?Straitjacket?. ?The Death of the Subject? had been included in CD compilation ?Helping you work to work Volume 6? by Lockjaw Records (UK), sponsored by Metal Hammer magazine; whilst ?Facless? was included in ?Justice for Mark Barnlsey?, the international benefit CD for British political prisoner Mark Barnsley. Tracklisting of ?0002?: Blaster; Faceless; Malta Not For Sale; Straitjacket; The Death of the Subject; Submission; McVeigh; What You Get For Doing It; Narcoman.

The double-album package is selling for Euro 7.50 and can be obtained from Norm Rejection through www.myspace.com/normrejection In the meantime, Norm Rejection has entered the studio with 3 new songs namely ?Kemm Hawn Dwejjaq fil-Pajjiz?, ?Encounter? and an as-yet untitled number!

Norm Rejection has also recently released online EP ?Malta Not For Sale? with British label ?Death to Music Productions?. Vocalist Wil also features in the song ?2 State Revolution? in the latest CD of British band ?Bombs of Enduring Freedom?, ?Kalashnikovs and Car Bombs?

Norm Rejection?s next live appearance is at Remedy Rock Bar on Saturday 7th February with progressive metal band 26 Other Worlds. Norm Rejection is Wil (Vocals), Michael Briguglio (Drums), Sean Vukovic (Guitar), Rex (Bass).

Subcultfest Day 3
Sunday 7th December 2008

Early morning i tried to wake up to start thinking ahead of what shall happen in the third and final day of SUBKULTFEST 08. It was going to be a challenge to gather a wide variety of bands in one night....but we managed.So here it goes.

First band hit the stage at 10.15pm .FOR STRINGS INN surprised me a lot. It was like a mystery to me cos i knew nothing about them exept that three of the four members where in punk bands some years ago.So i thought that their music was going to be in that music style..It wasn't as i expected.It was really better.SIMPLY GREAT MUSIC BY GREAT MUSICIANS.there was a mixture of music styles played with energy and melody that really had the crowd going.

The second band of the night was PUPI TAL LOGHOB.Their humorous punk style was also not expected by the crowd of the night because only a few punks turned on that day so many poeple just saw them for the first time.Keep the good work going mates and good luck for next year.

KARTRIDGE were the 3rd band of the night.One could notice the experience these musicians have.They played a blend of classic rock to modern rock style.I knew Darryl the front man from the 80's and im really glad that he kept going on year after year with different bands a nd music styles.

So next came the two bands that poeple where very anxious to see.So let's start with me mates LORD ADDER.This band started around 14 years ago and their peak time was in the 90's.They cahanged some lineups and music styles.So this was their first appearance in a small club like they used to do in Rock Cafe.In a 30 minute set they managed to change the atmosphere of the gig with poeple chanting to the chorus of Ac/Dc's thunder and a couple of other tunes.The three guitar players tatict payed really well cos when Mark( zlayer) and Al (crusher) broke the strings the band continued the songs without interfierance.

Last band of the festival was LITHOMANCY, the death metal band that gives you shivers with Micheal's vocal style and Rex distorted bass sound.A mass of energy with some atmosnbpheric doom passages.They had the responsability to end SUBKULTFEST 08 in a grand final,and they managed to do so 100 %.

So..SUBKULTFEST 08 ,came and went like all the other festivals, but this time it was different.The bands contributed to an animal rights/awareness cause.Some fools in our blant society always put a stigma on poeple who are different.The underground music scene is different so of course we suffer that stigma every now and then. But SUBKULTFEST showed that we also have a heart and no matter what differences we have between our music styles,we united to raise money to help SUBCULTURE ANIMAL FRIENDS,go on with the project of educating young kids on how to treat animals.i'd like to mention all those who contributed to this total sucssess of the festival.


all the bands that participated and contributed from their time and talent to our cause..
Thanks to all those who came to show their support and gave donations.
Thanks to many band members and individuals that fowarded our flyers and made promotion for subkultfest.
Thanks Reciprocal Records for the space and help you gave us.
STEVE LOMBARDO...A friend forever.Thanks mate for your dedication,support and unconditional friendship.Thanks steve i rally mean it.
The barmen and barmaids of COCONUT GROVE and REMEDY ROCK CLUB.And of course our co-organizers of the subkultfest 08,EVE (the managress) and ALEX (the owner) thanks both of you from the heart.You were always there for us when we needed you.Thanks LOADS.

Very special thanks have to go to my dearest friends in Subculture Animal Friends Carmen and Ray micallef for their 100% commitment in the animal rights activisim,unconditional friendship,and understanding but mostly for always being there to me. thanks a million.Last but not least there are also many poeple that are helping us in different ways,both phisically and economically to make this project come true.

SUBKULTFEST 09.....I ''ll tell you later on. o:)


Subcultfest Day 2
Saturday 6th December 2008

I really looked forward to Saturday, because it was actually the punk part of the Subcultfest. Don't get me wrong I had already a fucking good time on Friday. I was actually really glad so many people showed up on friday. I never thought so many Maltese are interested in good music. Ok on Saturday there were not so many fans at Remedy, but still enough to have a good party. Hopefully next time/year there will be more people on the punk day of the Festival.

On Friday I heard that Organized Dizorder will kick off Saturday at 10 pm, so I finished early at work, grabbed two colleagues and we headed to Paceville. Like I said I was a little disappointed, that today the crowd was smaller. But who gives a shit, this is punkrock.

The first band was actually Shattered Pride, that means like you already guessed I didn't miss Organized Dizorder. Shattered Pride is not really my kind of music and I think it is impossible to dance to it. It is not really party music, I think Emotronic (like they self describe it) is more for a listen at home. To be honest, I never heard something like this before, so it is quite difficult to describe. The best is you listen to them on myspace. Like I already said this music is more like sit on a chair drink some alcohol and listen to it music, then stand in front of the stage and dance. Anyway after I had said welcome to everyone, including Patti from Cut my skin, Shattered Pride had finished their set.

And now entered Organized Dizorder and started their set like I expected with HC-Punk, how I like it. Ryan, Matthew, Carl and Wayne did once again a fucking good job on stage. The crowd in front of the stage got a little bit bigger, it seems like they already got a few fans .... not just me. Unbelieveable how this guys can rock or better punk the house. And they get better from gig to gig. There was just one thing: Remedy is still a little to big or better the crowd was to small. I hope some more gigs from the 4 guys and the will fill the Remedy with hundred people and ...... may I dream just once. Anyway once again they showed raw HC-Punk and everytime when I'm angry I wish I had a CD with their songs for my player. Guys I hope I will see more shows of your Punk.

Organized Dizorder finished their set and thought I had some minutes to chill, but Publik Waste entered the stage. So there was just enough time to grab a beer or was it a wishkey-coke and go back to the stage. Everything started like I expected: melodic Punk with power, I fucking like it. Probably nobody saw it, but I was smiling again. The crowd was quite excited, like me. It is unbelievable, that a small island like Malta can create band s like Publik Waste and Organized Dizorder. Anyway Publik Waste got the crowd dancing, do the pogo ....yeah, yeah. They played their hits and I wished they never stopped, but unfortunately every good thing comes to an end.

Calm down guys I was not crying, because there were still two bands in the pipeline.

Next one on the stage was Subculture. This band creates mixed feelings .... maybe just for me, but I can't change it. I like them, but I think Ramona's voice lacks a little bit of power. Don't get me wrong it is not bad and I still listen to their songs and go to their gigs, but I liked it more when the guys were singing. It had more power, more rawness. It was more like a punch in the face. Sometimes it seems Ramona's voice is too gentle, she should sing louder. But anyway Subculture has a lot of fans and I can still understand it. Maybe I just used to the voices of the guys from the old Subculture. Back to the show from Subculture, they was again good and the crowd liked it.

Last but not the least BNI was playing. I met Kinnie before and something was wrong with his thumb. He didn't want to tell me what happened, so I'll take a guess: too much thumb sucking. Anyway Kinnie just got drunk and so he could play his guitar. Unbelievable how Kinnie is drunk and BNI does still an awesome show. That means either we have to fill him up at every gig or Steve and Malcolm did such a good gig that nobody noticed the drunkiness of Kinnie. Before someone complains that I write nothing about their set .. what the fuck should I write, I love this band, they're awesome and I never attend a really bad gig of BNI. This time it was so good. The crowd was not this big, because it was quite late, but we all were excited. And when the do the J. Cash cover nobody can just stand around you have to move your feet. Like others I sang along with the band ..... good that they are louder then me, nobody wants to listen to my voice, not even myself. The set of BNI was the perfect ending for awesome Punk day at the Subcultfest.

For my colleagues, BNI was the best band this night, for me it was close between BNI and Organized Dizorder.

Thanks to Subculture animal friends for putting up this event, hope you collected a lot of donations. Thanks to all bands, hope I see you all soon on stage again.

Subcultfest Day 1
Friday 5th December 2008

I decided to go out on the last minute. I had a very long, hard day at work on a Friday and I was feeling exhausted. But since it's so rare for me to get a weekend of work, I decided I shouldn't miss this opportunity, and headed towards Coconut Grove, Paceville to see what this SUBCULTFEST ? a 3 day festival stretching from the 5th to the 7th of December 2008 - is all about.

To begin with, I was surprised with the amount of people that turned out on the first day. I guess it goes on to show that people still do wanna see live bands. Or maybe because it was a free entrance gig? HAHA! Apparently this Subcultfest was organised by Subculture Animal Friends and Coconut/Remedy management to raise up funds for an educational project on animal rights awareness to be started in primary schools around Malta and Gozo. HHHmmmmmm,umbs up for the cool initiative guyz.

I managed to catch a glimpse of the first band THE MYTH who gave us a couple of good acoustic songs. Unfortunately I was too busy outside in the balcony, warming up with some Jack and playing some stupid jokes with my friends to really appreciate these guys, but I guess THE MYTH gave a good show. At least that was my impression from the cheers from the crowd I could here from outside after they finished every song.

Next on was CABLE 35. What can I say about these guys? They started playing simple pop-punk melodies a couple of years ago, but have evolved really fast after that. I really like that about a band. What's the point of playing the same stuff over and over again? You can see that these guys are really taking their music seriously, the way they play their instruments with a passion. It seems like now they sound more like The Vines than Blink 182. I was also happy to see some more interest shown from the more ?traditional punks? towards this band. Punk is not just about mohicans, saftey pins and torn jeans, you know? (ok, ok, that's just my opinion). CABLE35, keep it up guys! 10 points!

Off to buy a round of more Jacks, and back to drawing board to watch new band CYNIC PICTURES. Wow, I had been waiting to catch this band live for ages! I had listened to their two tracks on their myspace, and immediately liked their stlye. Fast riffing and beats, and a very particular vocal delivery, these guys had reminded me of the days when I listened to more American punk ala NOFX, the Descendents etc etc. Being a relatively young band as regards to playing live, they naturally lacked the experience of handling the stage during their set, and at some points seemed a little bit off, but that is something that can be improved upon by time. Apart from that, they sounded great on most of the songs. I really liked their track called HIT THE LANDLORD. Maybe because it reminded me of my bastard landlord when I was living in London...haha. Good job guys. Keep it going, some more practice, some more stage experience and you'll definitely be on the right track.

Next on was AREOLA TREAT. Fuck man, this band definetely stole the show. I was talking to Antoine from Particle Blue/Shattered Pride before the show, and he was telling me how he thinks that their guitar sound is just amazing, and fuck is he right? Fuckin right he is! Lisa looked amazing from the down the stage as she hurled scream after scream towards the crowd. I particularly liked their last song they played that apparently is a new one (?), but I coulnd't get hold of the name (I reckon it was something like Halfway Nurse?) The band just went mental as huge walls of sound came towards us and blasted our ear drums. My jaw just dropped to the floor. In fact, They kept me busy for a couple of minutes looking for my jaw all over the place after they finished. I never found it. 11 out of 10 guys!

The last band to close off this great night was X-VANDALS. Ok, let me put forward my biases first. I am not a very big fan of metal, and never really was, although of course I had to go through the Iron Maiden/Metallica phase when I was much younger. But man, X-VANDALS really took me by surprise. What they play is not really heavy metal, but to me they sounded more like a mixture of trash/hardcore, punk and metal. Rusty is one GREAT frontman who didn't leave one inch of space on the stage untouched! And Ray il-Bahri, man, what can I say about this living legend? He fucking grinds that axe like he's still 19 and on speed. Apparently they played a couple of some classic trash covers, and ended with a rendition of Motorhead's Ace of spades which managed to get rockers headbanging and punks pogoing together. I'm gonna look forward towards their next show for sure...

Fuck man, what a night! Now I HAVE to go to the second day of Subcultfest.

Norm Rejection News!
Norm Rejection is busy on various fronts?

To begin with, Norm Rejection has entered the studio with new songs for the first time since the release of 0002, back in 2000! 3 songs are being recorded, namely ?Kemm Hawn Dwejjaq fil-Pajjiz?, ?Encounter? and an as-yet untitled heavy down-tempo stomper! Drums have been recorded at Temple Studios. In the meantime Norm Rejection is also writing further new tracks!

Norm Rejection will also be re-releasing its acclaimed and sold-out albums ?Deconform? and ?0002? in a single package under the Reciprocal Records label.

In the meantime, check out Norm Rejection live at Remedy Rock Bar on Friday 12th December with metal band Shade of Chaos. Norm Rejection has also recently released online EP ?Malta Not For Sale? with British label ?Death to Music Productions?.

More info at www.normrejection.com

Cynic Pictures and Organized Dizorder Gig Review
Many of us found ourselves at Rookies this Friday night, with the usual gang and rivers of beer, to take our best from the Punk night thanks to the energy of Cynic Pictures and the anger of Organized Disorder. Two bands different from each other as regards to style and attitude.

To open the gig, to our surprise a new band of young faces who seem to have formed up some weeks ago and eventually wanted to prove themselves took to the stage! They played some good covers from Bad Religion and also some original pieces. Congratz guys keep playing and we hope to see you again on stage!

For the first time (with great anticipation?) we caught Cynic Pictures on stage, an upcoming and very promising band. They surprised us for the energy they had on stage and also the particular sound influenced mainly from the Californian punk rock, yet expressed with a melodic hardcore style, fast and decisive.

It was then Organized Disorder to close the gig and a great night out. A band who once again have showed us proof that identity and attitude are not only accessory elements but the same essence of their music. A raw street punk sound full of anger with good thought out lyrics. Impossible not to pogo!

Keep it up each and every one of you!

Ok..Ok so me and Simo arrived late, in fact exactly at the end of the bombscare. We met some friends outside who told us that the set was already half way through and I could not believe that I misunderstood the starting time of the event as I was so much in contact with Mario the days before.

As a start some police cars were all about and we just could not understand what the hell was going on. At the first glance, we saw just a tenfold of people outside the venue from the street. As soon as we took a turn to the parking area the crowd of people outside just left me aghast, there were around 350 people greatly anticipating something?

The bombscare had just come to an end and the crowd starting trickling again into the well adorned and coloured venue, with a cool old school stage resembling the traditional Maltese ?festa? style. Not even time to get hold of a couple of beers that the now mighty Brikkuni gave a new start to their set.

We had already heard the CD but the live performance was just ship-shape perfect and astounding. The sound was clear as crystal, Mario?s voice could be heard when speaking softly, and when screaming loud all the various instruments blended into the powerful folk-punk based rythyms that these Brikkuni have created.

We were fortunate enough to hear nearly all tracks as encores were performed. With a crowd like that if you say ?no? you?re in trouble! The set was energetic with clear acoustics and well panned melodies on vocals, impressive additional instruments and the climaxes on choruses so potent in such an original way. Truly, a breath of fresh air!

We remember Brikkuni jamming in the Marsa garages some time ago and I never thought that they had come to being so magnificently serious about their musicianship. We are glad to have worked with the band for the production and printing of the CD and packaging and I have to say we put our heart into it as if it were an RR release. (in fact, now that we listened to these guys, we now regret we didn?t have it on RR!).

We can see Brikkuni as an already established band even with the few live gigs they have performed, and foresee a fresh load of great live performances to promote the Album ?Kuntra Banda?. I just can?t wait! This time I?ll be there on time!

A loud and long standing ovation and applause goes to Brikkuni and all the long list of members for this record and yesterday?s performance. This is just what we needed, fresh new music with a down to earth attitude!

If you are interested in getting hold of a copy of ?Kuntra Banda? kindly send us an email and we?ll fix you a delivery!

Prosit Brikkuni! (and thanks to Sarah Falzon for providing us with the photos of the event!)

PS: Il-Bombscare, Ic-Centurjun ghamila!

Brikkuni's ?Kuntrabanda!? was launched @ Liquid, San Gwann ? 16th November 2008. Check out some of their songs on their myspace

Malta Punk/Ska scene update!
We are more than happy to see new faces at gigs, and kids forming their own bands. Lately Organized Dizorder are on the forefront of the up and coming punk bands, and we also saw Public Waste giving us a couple of good shows. The past summer we also saw Xtruppaw coming out of their long hibernation, teaming up with The I Skandal (after another long pause?.zzzzz), to give us another memorable show at Poxx Bar.

We saw Subculture coming out clean with a new line-up and a killer record entitled ?Revolt?. The guys have a message they want to put across, and they surely did it in a very powerful way this time around. Batteries Not Included, as always, kept us busy downing beers all year long, with their countless energy-fuelled gigs. These guys never tire. We were over the moon to learn that they were playing in the UK alongside great foreign punk bands over the past year. 2008 also saw the release of ?Just Rock? from indie-poppers Nosnow/noalps, fusing their tunes with skanking sounds. If you haven?t listened to any of their stuff on the radio yet, make sure you do, or better buy their record, because it blew us away!

See ya in the pit!

Welcome to our new website!
?Yes! Many have thought that Reciprocal Records was out for good but as you can see, it is not so! We took a long break for many reasons. After so much hard work in previous years as a record label and event organizer we just needed some time off as we grew conscious that more steady decisions had to be taken.

In the last couple of years we set our eyes upon the specialization for CD production for bands and artists who are not necessarily signed to our label. Due to our experience in production as well as the printing industry we thought of expanding our possibilities. The result was the creation of offshoot company Reciprocal Records Services. Reciprocal Records Services is now already an established provider of an almost unlimited number of solutions in CD/DVD Replication, Packaging and Printing. A separate website for Reciprocal Records Services is in the making so stay tuned.

As for this website, you will notice that this time we took a very conscious decision to keep the RR website dedicated to the Punk/Ska scene in Malta. Kindly register to become a member of the RR mailing list and receive gig information, new releases info and more. In the near future we are planning to offer online CD sales of all our releases for local and overseas distribution.

In the meantime, enjoy!