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Erich il-punk (vox)
il-bahri (guitar/vox)
il-hamimu (drums)
in-nemlu (bass)

Website: www.myspace.com/abstrassmt

Abstrass where formed back in 1979 by Erich il-punk.At that time, punk was simply chaos, noise and violent clashes with the skinheads and rockabillies of our underground scene. Our hangouts where mostly at Gzira/Sliema front, and Valletta.

Abstrass jammed at Erich's home but soon had to stop for causing 'noise polution' to the neighbours which obviously resulted in loads of reports to the marsa police station.

So it became a natural thing to do when Erich decided to squat a place in Tigne' fortress which was used for storing torpedoes during the occupation of the British forces in Malta. Later on the government and some cultural association gave permission for local bands to take every place or hut and turn them into rehearsal rooms to form ROKARJA. Every year most of the bands that rehearsed at Tigne' participated in a three day Rockfest.

Back to the band, Abstrass had many line up changes and too many stories to tell. Musicians came and went so I won't mention any names so no one is left out. But from summer of 1986, the line up always consisted of Erich il-punk (vox), il-bahri (guitar/vox), il-hamimu (drums) and someone else on bass.....until the year 2001 when our friend in-nemlu joined for good.

Our only cd album titled 'Hard to Understand', was released in the year 2005. It went really well with the local punks because we mixed our 80's style with new tunes but still being faithful to our old school punk rock style.

And for the future???
Well as our friend Johnny Rotten said once back in 1977, ‘We got no future’, we only live for the present.

from a fucked up brain.


Malcolm Dalli (bass/vox)
Miguel Debattista (guitar/vox)
Steve Attard (drums)

Website: www.bnimalta.com

Malcolm and Miguel started BNI after hearing Sham69’s ‘If the Kids are United’. It was a time when the old school metal scene was quite strong in Malta, and punk bands here had been dormant since about 1983. Extending their own metal roots and twisting them into something else, Miguel, Malcolm and Tyrone (the band’s first drummer) decided to come out with music that was fast, loud and previously unheard of in the Paceville Rock Cafè scene at the time. They came up with a full-length Punk-Metal demo cassette named Unsolved in 1994. Tyrone soon decided to call it quits, and left his place to Manuel, who had a stint with the band before Fish dropped in and helped take the band’s sound to another level. The result was Native Tongue/Ilsien Pajji?i, BNI’s first full-length album, released at Dempsey’s Pub in 1999. The band became most active during the days of The Edge Rock Bar, where virtually every new and old underground Metal, Doom, Death, Rock and Punk band played, even because at the time ‘The Edge’ seemed to be the only place where a loud band could actually play and do its thing.

Since then BNI have released two more albums, Force Majeur (2004) and On and On… (2006), with the participation of yet another drummer. Each release shows the unstoppable evolution of the band’s sound.

Steve ‘Lombardo’ Attard joined on drums at the end of 2006. Determined to land a gig abroad, BNI played at the Concrete Jungle Punk Festival at Camber Sands, England, in April 2007. There meeting up with old-time friends Ken ‘Rockula Bacchus’ and his wife Xa, they all decided to organize a D.I.Y. mini-U.K. tour for September of the same year. BNI flew over to the U.K. for ten days, had a party every night, played with many great bands, managed to see the Misfits live in Camden, and played eight dates in Pubs and music venues.

Many would describe BNI’s music as a crossover between Old School and New School Punk Rock, with a heavy dose of Ska and Reggae stuck somewhere in between. Throughout the years, the band has gathered a mixed, sizeable and faithful audience that turns up at its shows wherever these may be. The band has no plans whatsoever, except that it intends to gig as much as possible, tour again and release a fourth album soon.

Cable 35

Jeff (guitar/vocals)
Kriz (bass/vocals)
Chris (drums)

Website: www.myspace.com/cable35band

In August 2006 ‘Cable35’ was formed with Jeff on guitar/vocals, Kriz bass/vocals and Chris on drums.

In August a year later they’ve embarked to the U.K. after gigging here in Malta and making friends with ‘Reluctant Heroes’ where they organised some gigs in U.K.

Back from U.K. in September 2007 the band went directly in studio to record their 6-track e.p. called ‘My First E.P.’ at Temple Studios Malta with producer David Vella. Then on the 9th of November the e.p. was launched at ‘Poxx Bar’ where ‘BNI’ played as special guests on the night.

In the meantime ‘Cable35’ is writing new stuff and planning to go back in studio by next September.

Controllo a Distanza

Massimo (vocals)
Marino (guitar)
Andreino (drums)


Analizzare i controllo a distanza dal solo e semplice lato musicale è praticamente inutile dato che tutto l'impegno e il lavoro impiegati sono frutto di esperienze comuni che influenzano continuamente l'essenza stessa della band.Il gruppo è nato in un noiso autunno sulle botti del Body Art dall'incontro(ad alto tasso alcolico) casuale di 3 ragazzi con la passione per le sonorità inglesi degli anni 80.Pur non disdegnando altri generi e continuando il proprio percorso musicale Massimo alla voce( ex Non Idonei),Marino alla chitarra e Andreino(Billyrubians) alla batteria formano i ''Controllo a Distanza'',una street punk band.Pochi mesi dopo Giuà al basso si e aggiunto alla band e in pochi mesi si è riusciti a tenere qualche live in giro per l'isola.Tempo dopo durante una registrazione,in cui ha collaborato per l'occasione Ale Rizzu(ex Non idonei e GOG),si è fatta sentire l'esigenza di aggiungere una seconda chitarra alla formazione.La scelta è ricaduta su Kappei e non poteva essere altrimenti.Purtroppo Giovanni (ora fiero padre),il nostro bassista, di la a poco per problemi logistici e di tempo e stato sostituito dall'attuale bassista Alessandro.

Nel luglio del 2006 e stato registato il nostro primo disco intitolato ''Il disagio non è un reato'', completato interamente nella nostra saletta(RIP) da Giampy Guttuso(Grazie mille!) dei Gods of Gamble per la Black-Ink Rec. e co-prodotto dalla Shame & Scandal Rec. di Bologna e ristampato successivamente con la Reciprocal Records di Malta.Dopo il primo lavoro per motivi personali Alessadro ha dovuto lasciare la band e anche Andrea ha dovuto abbandonarci.Vogliosi di superare i confini nazionali, Andrea Manca( ex non idonei e super oil69) nell'estate del 2007 ci ha accompagnati durante due date nella splendida isola di Malta.Tutto ciò è stato possibile grazie alla collaborazione con Reciprocal Records...Sull'isola abbiamo avuto l'oppurtunità di suonare con Ottime Band come: BNI,RIOTUS FUTURE E MAJOR SUSPETCS ,imparando che anche nelle realtà piu piccole della nostra qualcuno ha sempre qualcosa da dire.Si e riscontrato che le due realtà, per quanto riguarda la scena musicale,hanno costi molti elevati per gli spostamenti e difficoltà per trovare nuovi posti dove trovare. Per il 2009 si prospetta di riuscire a registrare un nuovo disco e suonare il più possibile in svariati posti... a presto!

Cut My Skin

Patti (throat)
Pete (bass)
Ollie (guitar)
John (drums)

Website: http://www.cutmyskin.de/

Formed in 2003, after the split up of SCATTERGUN, singer Patti Pattex was searching for people to start a new band.

In April 2003 she met Malik, a guitar player , with whom she was already sharing ideas & preparing the first new songs. In june the first line up was settled. It consisted of Malik ? guitar , Pablo ? guitar , Pete ? bass and Marky ? drums. Our first gig ever was in Oct 2003 unplugged & from then on we have played many shows & festivals in Germany , Belgium , France etc.

Meanwhile we had some changes in the line-up, also having Bert playing saxophone for a while in the band. The only remaining original members are Patti on throat & Pete on bass.

We don`t like unpolitical people, because we believe that it`s important to have a clear opinion about the matters of our world & in our society! There`s no sense in ignoring the shit around us. We think that it`s necessary to mention injustice in all kinds of matters , as it is clear in the lyrics, you can see our political statements. We are against racism , fascism, sexism, war , environment destruction & any kind of discrimination , concerning humans & animals.

We want to play live as much as possible, to have fun , meet people in other cities, countries & spread the word through Punk music. We just released our 5th album. It`s called FUTURE SOLD OUT.
We founded our own independant label (Cut My Skin Records) for this release.

Cynic Pictures

Kurt (vocals+bass)
Steve (guitar)
Karl (drums)

Website: www.myspace.com/cynicpictures

Cynic Pictures. All 1987 models, with a good parts and labour warranty and an economy of 5 miles per pint.

As a bio, there are a lot of things that happened, people joined and people left. Usual stuff that happens in bands, as everyone knows. Listen, it’s an epic story of about 7 years; a book should be written about the Cynic Pictures’ bio. (That if anyone could bother to read it)

Well, now we are a three piece band: Kurt on bass and vox, Steve on lead guitar and Karl on drums.

We listen mainly to American punk; Nofx, The Adolescents, Rancid, The Briggs etc... But I guess we play Mediterranean Punk, it’s not American, nor English. We were lost in the seas of genres. Not that it bothered us but we couldn’t find a type of music that fits 100%. That until we listened to Italian and Spanish punk. We said; “That is what we play, some fucken Mediterranean Punk”.

Fast tempos, tight riffs and load vocals. Our lyrics are mainly socially oriented. Now, honestly we do not think that our music can change society. No one did and I doubt someone can. But you know every little bump can knock down the big tree.

Cynic Pictures have recorded a 2 track single, called “Cynic Pictures” and planning in recording an EP next spring.


Nick Morales (vocals/guitar)
Mike Briguglio (drums)
Fre (bass)
Daniel il-Flambu (Guitar)

Website: www.dripht.com

Dripht originally started in 1998, fusing songs of rebellion with reggae, ska, and punk, but it wasn't until 2004 that Dripht finally settled with a stable line-up and started gathering recognition. The band then decided to record at Temple Studios, production in the hands of the very able David Vella, and signing a deal with Reciprocal Records released its self-titled debut EP in the summer of 2004. Consisting of 3 numbers and a video, the Dripht EP sold out within days upon its release. In the meantime, co-founder Patrick Galea decided to quit the band on amicable terms.

Dripht was also the first band from the Reciprocal Records list of signed bands to hit the airwaves in Malta, and win the hearts of leading music critics. The debut single Mark Barnsley' had massive airplay in top Maltese radio stations and quickly climbed the charts. The song won the 'Best Single' award by popular vote in the Bay Radio Music Awards 2004 organised by Malta's most popular radio station Bay Radio. Dripht was also nominated in the 'Best Newcomer' category during the Bay Radio Music Awards in 2004.

Dripht kept the ball rolling and in 2005 Dripht released it's second EP, 'Global Warning'. Boasting singles such as 'Rocking to Resist' and 'Guy on TV', the record sold out once again, forcing the band to re-issue it. 'Global Warning' also consisted of a cover of the song 'Dance music for the 80's Depression' by the Rifffs. Once again the Dripht was nominated in the 2005 Bay Radio Awards, this time for 'Best Band' and 'Best Song Ever'.

Dripht has also earned a reputation for its loud and adrenalin-filled live performances. The band has played in a myriad of shows headlined by itself or other bands, and particpated in festivals both in Malta and in England. In late 2006, the band then decided to put the project on hold, because Fre was going abroad. The band however still plays every now and then when Fre decides to hit the rock again.

Dripht is made up of Nick Morales (Vocals, Guitar), Mike Briguglio (Drums), Fre (Bass) and Daniel il-Flambu (Guitar).

Norm Rejection

Wil (vocals)
Michael Briguglio (drums)
Sean Vukovic (guitars)
Rex (bass)

Website: normrejection.com

Widely recognized as Malta's first band to fuse different styles into a distinctive metal sound, Norm Rejection was founded in 1994. Norm Rejection is known for its songs of protest and rebellion.

Norm Rejection released 'Subtly Mesmerized?' EP during the same year before releasing its two full-length albums 'Deconform' (1998) and '0002' (2000). All these releases were sold-out.

In the meantime Norm Rejection songs were included in various international CD compilations, including: French magazine 'Hard Force', where 'Caged' appeared alongside songs by Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Skinlab and others; 'Helping you work to work Volume 6 by Lockjaw Records' (UK), sponsored by Metal Hammer magazine, which included Norm Rejection's 'The Death of the Subject' and 'Justice for Mark Barnlsey, the international benefit CD for Mark Barnsley, which includes 'Faceless', and other compilations. Norm Rejection has played live and headlined many concerts between 1994 and 2001, and also opened for Anathema. The band returned back on stage in 2007.


Nick Morales (vocals/guitar)
Daniel 'il-flambu' (Bass), Sarah Falzon (vocals/keyboard)
Darko Strnisa (drums)

Website: www.nosnownoalps.com

We met in a near by hut on top of the alps!
Sarah was taking care of some children while cooking a hot meal, Darko was building a ski lift for us to ski better, Daniel was doing late night shows (if you know what I mean) and Nick was writing a book about a revolution with himself. After a while they got bored and decided to start a band and the rest is history. In mid-2007 nosnow/noalps hit the live circuit with energy and a force comparable to an avalanche at a Swiss ski resort and were well received by punters and critics alike.

Within the same year of their inception, nosnow/noalps entered Temple Studios to record their first EP consisting of six numbers, recorded, produced and engineered by award-winning David Vella (of Beangrowers, Rammstein, Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club fame), and the first single 'Taking my time' was released in December 2007, ending a busy and productive year for the band in style.

The EP has been released in partnership with independent music label Reciprocal Records.

Organized Dizorder

Ryan (vocals)
Carl (drums)
Matthew Potter (guitar)
Wayne (bass)

Website: www.myspace.com/organizeddizorder

Organized Dizorder started back in 2006, with Ryan and Carl. The style was mostly hardcore/anarcho punk. Hastily arranging a set with the then bassist Samuel, which now plays with Cyanide, the first live was at Naasha along with the now-defunct The Dolts. The band was asked to play a week after with Subculture, in a gig to raise awareness about animal circus cruelty. Samuel left due to musical differences, and Owen from Publik Waste was recruited. Also Ryan couldn't cope with playing guitar and vocals, so he switched to vocals, and Matthew came in as guitarist. After some hard work, the band played again in The Storm, along with Publik Waste and Riotous Future. The style now was hardcore with Oi! influences.

After this gig some problems emerged in the band, leading to the departure of Owen who couldn't cope with 2 bands. In came Wayne, who although he never played bass before, he was able to learn very quickly. A new playlist was set up and the band played again at Rookies, supported by Publik Waste. This was a very successful gig, and more are soon to follow so stay up to date

Organized Dizorder would like to thank everyone for their help and support, mainly Ray l-Bahri, Denis, Owen and all the punks and skins of the Maltese scene.


Peklectrick (all instruments)

Website: www.peklectrick.com

Coming from the Mediterranean island of Malta, Peklectrick is the name of the studio-based solo project of former dripht guitarist Patrick Galea. The project is an eclectic mix of guitar-driven music with abundant doses of reggae, some blues and a little funk. The music comes wrapped in socially conscious lyrics, a punk rock ethos and a tongue that is firmly stuck in cheek. Surreally speaking, it is the sound of the Clash meeting Beck in Jamaica to discuss the blues over some scotch. The music is what award-winning producer David Vella referred to as ‘so cool it’s almost illegal’.

In 2007 Peklectrick released his debut album ‘Reclaiming Space’ comprising ten rhythmic and energetic tracks, varying in styles from anything between dub and rock. From the funky retro feel of ‘Six strings’ to the sunny chops of ‘Camara Reggae’ the variety of songs represent the essence of the project which put simply is just a Patrick being eclectic. The tracks are articulated in a laid back, speech-like vocal delivery that is introspective as much as it is agitative. Lyrically, the songs deal with a variety of socio-political themes, with topics ranging from global justice issues in songs like ‘World Trade Blues’ and ‘ASAP’ to the ironic treatment of the local political scene in ‘Jerry Wonders’. This somewhat serious lyrical content is contrasted by a playful approach to the recording process, opening up a world of sampled guitar cases, percussive use of office supplies and a general delight in using squeaks, coughs and other noises to compliment and enhance the music.

The project’s inception came about half way through 2004 when right after launching the Dripht EP, which featured the award winning local hit ‘Mark Barnsley’, he parted ways with the rest of the band in pursuit of a recording-centred solo career. The parting of ways was, however, only partial, as the rhythm section of dripht enthusiastically pogoed its way on ‘Reclaiming Space’ as special guest musicians. Michael Briguglio, plays the drums on all songs while il-Fre plays the low notes on March/March. The album was recorded at Temple Studios, in various sessions between July 2006 and April 2007 and was produced, engineered and mixed by David Vella. Other guest musicians include Julian Grech from Frenzy Mono who delivers kinky keys on ‘World Trade Blues’ and Jonathan Abela who slides the trombone on ‘Camara Reggae’ and ‘Reclaiming Space’.

Peklectrick has recently partnered up with il-Fre (Dripht, The I Skandal) to create The Boogatones, a rock/reggae/ska outfit which is currently concocting its future assault on the local music scene.

Publik Waste

Denis (vox, guitar)
Bahri (vox, guitar)
Owen (vox, bass)
Tutu (drums)

Website: www.myspace.com/publikwastemt

Publik Waste is an Oi! band consisting of Tutu on drums, Denis on vox/guitar, Bahri on vox/guitar and Owen on vox/bass. The band has already performed some gigs during the past years and quickly gathered a healthy following.

Work has already started on the band's first demo CD which will give a clear picture of what the band's style is. The band decided to move to a more melodic sound with Apolitical (non political) lyrics. Since some time, all band members have improved quite a bit... and there's a great bond of friendship between all the band.

  More news from time to time, for you guys out there eager to support us!

Pupi tal-Loghob

Kuzza (guitar/vocals)
Jelly (bass/vocals)
Malcolm (drums/vocals)

Website: www.pupilive.com

Well, Pupi tal-Loghob were formed back in December 2000 with the idea of a funny punk band sort of Toy Dolls style. Of course we're not talented as The Toy Dolls are!! Our Lyrics are in Maltese so I'm sorry for the foreigners who can't understand our lyrics!! The Band has gone through many ups and downs, with a 3 year break between 2002-2005. The band started performing again in 2005 and things are getting better than before. Many line-ups have changed through these years with only Kuzza remaining from the original trio. Thanks to all the guys who played with us troughout the years: Sandro(Bass), Ryan(Drums), Stefan(drums),Dave Firefist(Bass) and Drinu(Bass)

Nowadays pupi-trio is formed by Kuzza on guitar & Vocals, Jelly on Bass & Backing Vocals and Malcolm on drums & backing vocals!!.

From here we would like to thank our crew:

Myspace Editor & All the help needed: BuwBuw
Band Manager & Organisation: Kuzza
Band Helper: Nevise
Thanks to all those who help us and give us their support..we really appreciate it!!! Also thanks to the fans around... without you, we're nothing!

Rage Against Society

Ray (guitar & vox)
Steve (drums)
Patti (vox)
Deniz (bass & vox)

Website: http://www.myspace.com/rageagainstsoc

R.A.S (Rage Against Society) was formed by Ray Schembri, on guitar and vox back in 1995. The initial line up which also consisted of Ray Micallef on drums and Jason Mizzi on bass, tried to mix the punk rock style with a bit of heavy metal. Soon a small crowd of youths

Riotous Future

Kuzzu (vocals)
Denis (guitar)
Genzora (guitar)
Karl (drums)
Alison (bass)


Riotous Future is a Maltese Street Punk band made up of Kuzzu (vocals), Denis (guitar), Genzora (guitar), Karl (drums) and Alison (bass). Back in October 2005, lead guitarist Denis gathered Kuzzu, Philip and Michael who although were interested to play in a band, did not have enough contacts to do so. Riotous Future, formed mainly by beginners, had its baptism of fire when Genzora joined the band less than a month later. The band had its first live appearance in December 05, which was followed by a series of frequent concerts. The band gradually evolved into one producing more melodic music and assembling more and more people. The ideas, music and people forming the band changed and due to recent line up changes, the band had disappeared for nearly a year. However, they’ll be back, proud as ever with their strong and melodic music!


Ray il-hamiemu (drums)
Dani dolt (bass)
Ramona the cat (vocals)
Ray il bahri (guitar/vox)

Website: www.myspace.com/subculturemt

Subculture where formed by Ray (il-bahri) and JP (iz-zghir),back in 2001,who where both in another band called Spirit of 77'. It took Subculture 3 yrs to release their first cd titled ,'From the garage to the street'.It was recorded by former drummer Steve Lombardo in a D.I.Y style. The result came to be very satisfactory and was well acclaimed by the local punks. The cd was released under JP's label Reciprocal Records in oct 2004. Soon after both Steve and JP left the band and where replaced by Ray (hamiemu) and Woody AKI.

The two new members gave their input by introducing new styles and ideas with Ray (il-bahri) on guitar. They released the second cd titled ,'A Lifetime Of Disappointment', on oct 2006. The band continued gigging around the island as a three piece. Subculture took part in various charity concerts and festivals and participated in activities done by various NGO's mainly in the animal rights sector.

The Subculture Animal Friends group was formed and took part in the anti circus campaigns in 2006 and 2007,while constantly writing letters in the media and attending discussions about animal rights. An idea came to mind about doing a cartoon dvd for kids in primary schools aged between 5-8yrs to promote animal awareness By aug 2007 Subculture released the 3rd cd which was all about animal awareness titled Resist The Abuse. The cd was very much accepted by our mates in foreign bands from Germany, UK, USA, Italy and Bulgaria Some songs ended up on compilation cds such as the ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT U.S,and the German Fight the system records cd titled OPEN THE CAGES, Festahwid 2,and Razzett tal hbiberija charity cd. Local media and some radio stations also gave positive criticism about the cd.

Sadly the band had to face another lineup change ,this time by the departure of Woody Aki ,who was replaced by the youngster Dani(dolt) on bass. By January 2008,Subculture discovered the talent of the versatile singer Ramona (the cat).She was immediately asked to join the band and this resulted in the making of the 4th cd titled REVOLT.

This new cd took the band back to their roots of melodic anarcho punk style. Lyrically REVOLT is based around the song, OUR DREAM, which is about Anarchism Hopefully the band will bring new audience to the punk gigs to strengthen more the underground scene.

The Areola Treat

Lisa (vocals)
Adrian (guitar)
Matthew (Bass)
Chris (drums)

Website: www.myspace.com/theareolatreat

The Areola Treat – or, Aljoli Trid? – as they are affectionately known to their witty friends are a four-piece fronted by Lisa, with Chris on drums, Adrian on guitar and Matthew on bass. They started jamming in mid-2006 and soon found that a punchy, under-4-minute song structure suited their style. Playing together came easily as Chris had played with both Adrian and Matthew before, while Lisa had fantasized about playing with these guys all her short alternative life.

Having said this, the members are determined not to let their previous incarnations influence the band too much – in Matthew's and Chris's case for complicated legal reasons, as they are still a part of the money making monster that is Shostakovich's Nightmare; in Chris's and Adrian's case for deep emotional reasons, having once been members of the now sadly departed Lumiere. (The astute reader will notice that Chris is subject to both legal and emotional constraints – poor guy).

As for influences from other bands – these are strictly frowned upon (or, rather, farted upon) by Adrian who quite rightly insists on keeping to the point of the song and finds lengthy digressions about what the band should or shouldn't sound like tiresomely academic. If it sounds right they'll keep it; if not it's out. However, to dazzle you with their impeccable taste here are a few bands they like listening to: The Sound, The Boredoms, Can, P.I.L, The Cramps, The Gun Club, The Fall, The Stooges & a few more. This doesn't mean The Areola Treat sound like any of the above. Nor do they ascribe to any particular creed. This band is not about spouting slogans or half-baked philosophies of life. This is art for art's sake; noise for noise's sake. So don't ask Lisa what she's singing about. Or do ask her… but take a deep breath before you do.

Creating short mostly up-beat tunes, influenced by Japanese psychadelia, punk, rock 'n' roll and a long list of artists in various genres... the areola treat headed on into producing more and more songs and still are, following their general initial instincts and going with the flow of the muse, which led to record their debut EP at temple studios in mistra [malta] with the help and direction of david vella almost verging into a mini-album the seven songs are mostly loud and fast with the main aim to capture the vibe of a raw, live performance so much so to make you want to jump around... some of their more recent [yet unrecorded, though hopefully soon to be] songs sometimes also stray into a suspended slower pace that will stimulate your imagination taking you to anywhere your mind dares to venture...

The Areola Treat debuted on 20th September 06 at Poxx Bar as a supporting band for This Et Al.

Just one last thing, about the name – It was stumbled upon in Adrian's living room. Sounds kinky? Well you haven't seen his living room, have you?

The I-SKAndal

Jean Pierre iz-Zghir (vocals/bass)
il-Fre (guitar)
Nico (trombone/guitar)
Dino (drums)
Ruth (saxophone)
Il-Pini (trumpet)

Website: www.theiskandal.com

The I SKAndal was born out of the ashes of the street-punk outfit Rivals somewhere in the year 1999 and was one of the pioneering bands, along with Batteries Not Included, to revive ska and punk in the late 90's in Malta. Rivals started at around 1997 and was made up of Kuzza, Il-Fre, Il-Bi, and Ryan and the reasons for it's creation were the usual ones...Boredom at school, and the aim of annoying stupid school mates listening to shitty MTV music. Rivals used to practice at Ryan's living room in Marsaxlokk, and the few gigs that they managed to play live especially at ‘The Edge Rock Bar’ in Bugibba caused quite a stir.

Eventually, JP iz-Zghiru replaced il-Bi, and Kuzza left the band to form the now ‘Pupi Tal-Loghob’, and The I SKAndal was born. Nico joined the band with the trombone, and the band immediately started taking a more of a ska-punk direction. The I SKAndal then recorded the financially disastrous demo ‘Under The Same Sky’ (2001), which, although lacked professionalism and a good production, managed to get a sizeable following, with the help of the grassroots contact the band kept with the audience, coupled with energetic live performances.

Eventually Ryan also left the band for personal reasons and Dino now stands strong on the drum stool. In the meantime Nico took guitar duties as well, while blasting some occasional trombone tune. Pini joined the band with his trumpet at a later stage, and The I SKAndal now had a more clear vision of what they wanted: Their growing interest in the old sounds of Jamaican SKA and reggae resulted into an interesting mixture with their punk roots. Eventually Ruth also joined the crew with her mighty saxophone and a lot of talent (finally...)

The band then decided to embark on a seemingly impossible project. That of their recording their debut record. Their rehearsals were more of a meeting between a bunch of friends who like to get drunk and hang around at their garage, then actually write songs. As a result, gigs became infrequent as they got locked in their garage, getting drunk, sleeping, discussing, listening to music and sometimes writing a new song. The result was the highly acclaimed ‘Skaccomatto’ (2006). The record consisted of 6 songs fusing SKA, Reggae and Punk and included songs in Maltese and the single ’Como Estas’, an anti-war sing-along, and was released on Reciprocal Records.

The I SKAndal then went into hibernation once again when Fre decided to leave Malta for some time. With no particular plan in mind, the band still however plays occasional gigs every once and then when Fre comes around for some time. Check their website on www.theiskandal.com , and Pick It Up!!!

The Rifffs





Darren Gatt (vocals)
Kim Farrugia (guitars)
Manwel (guitars)
Jean-Carl (bass)
Mark 'Zizza' Abela (drums)


Totema formed around the year 2000, and after several line up changes, they finally settled onto the one that came up with the brilliant “Silent Frequency” promo CD, released under Reciprocal Records. Totema started playing straight up punk rock melodies by participating in the various early Festahwid’s and other gigs. Eventually the band started taking a heavier approach towards their music and by time they sounded more like a Hardcore/metal band mixed with some very interesting guitar licks, and aggressive screaming and growling. Nonetheless, the band retained it’s punk rock ethos garnered from their earlier experiences in the local scene.

Sadly, Totema had to call it a day over the years because of several reasons. However their promo “Silent Frequency” remains a very important record in our catalogue, and their original sound is sorely missed, even now, years later.


Jeffrey Galea (vocals/guitar)
Noel Cuschieri (vocals)
Dino (drums)
Marvin (guitar)
Rex (bass)

Website: www.xtruppaw.com